Brazil’s Overlooked Minority

Feature produced for the Guardian Weekly about the Roma comunity in Brazil, which has historically been overlooked by governments even though Brazil is one of the fews countries to have had a president of Roma origin – Juscelino Kubitchek.

US forest strategy boomerangs in Brazil

Article written for the Center for Investigative Reporting in the US about how a campaign by a lobby group aimed at convincing US farmers to support carbon credits from forest conservation went very wrong and enraged Brazilian environment groups.

Brazil’s deadly land wars puts indigenous leaders in firing line

I wrote this article for the Independent after the murder of an indigenous leader in Mato Grosso. Ortiz Lopes was a respected leader of the Guarani-Kaiowa community, which was expelled from their traditional land in the 1970s. Forced to live in a small area, the Guarani-Kaiowas have some of the highest rates of violence and suicide amongst the indigenous peoples. Lopez was known for his efforts to reclaim their traditional territory.

Flight logs reveal secret rendition

This article was the result of a one-month investigation that established for the first time which military flights to Guantánamo crossed Europe carrying passengers – and which passengers were on each flight. I assisted Stephen Grey by researching, contacting people, checking and cross-referencing data. Complete tables with extra info about the Guantánamo prisoners can be seen at Stephen’s website:

Brazil’s media agenda: whose news is it anyway?

This opinion piece analyses the consequences of adopting international news agencies as the sole providers of foreign news to the majority of news services in Brazil. It also covers other issues such as the death of the foreign correspondent; the lack of a Brazilian approach to international news coverage; and the public interest.

A Bolivian military colonel speaks

Interview with the colonel Jaime Cruz Vera in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for the website Narconews Bulletin. Mr. Cruz Vera, commander of the Mobile Patrol Unit that conducted the forced eradication of coca, talked openly about Evo Morales, who at the time was a leader of the coca growers. He also commented on the pressure made by the US Government: “everything you see at this military base is what the Embassy has given us”.


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